Nails 101

hands with rose petals

Clients often ask me how to grow their nails and keep them looking freshly manicured. There are several things you can do every day to keep them looking strong and healthy!

  • Dont use your nails as tools, treat them like jewels! Use another part of your hand or an object to perform tasks like fasten things, dial a phone or opening a soda can, not your nails!
  • Protect your nails from the wrong kind of moisture. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but the wrong kind of moisture can really do a number on your nails. Whenever possible wear gloves while doing the dishes, gardening or when handling any cleaning products. The right way to moisturize your nails, in my professional opinion, is to drink plenty of water and use a salve or oil like NailTek RENEW Cuticle Oil after washing your hands and before bed. Find a hand remedy like NailTek that has tea tree oil in it, which is also really helpful for those of you who pick at your cuticles! The tea tree oil kills bacteria in any open wounds and the more often you use it, the less your cuticles will dry and tempt you. Its a win win!
  • Sensibly grow your nails. The length of your nails really depends on your individual activity level and lifestyle. Your nails should not extend any longer then one-third the length of your nail bed. Keeping your nails all the same length and nicely shaped, squared, or rounded will help them stay strong.
  • Use NailTek! Their nail treatments really do work! Most clients need the NailTek II but there are different formulas for different nail problems. Polishing your nails once a day with the NailTek product right for you in conjunction with the tips I have provided, you will have stunningly beautiful nails in no time!