Keeping It Clean

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Have you ever second-guessed yourself about getting a pedicure because of the stigma you hear about nail salons? Rest assured that coming into Nailed It will be a clean, quiet and relaxing experience.

Here are some of the steps we take to ensure you are receiving the most sanitary services possible!

Files and buffers are all single use items and are treated as such. They are thrown out after every client and new ones are used every time.

We don’t use spa chair. Nailed It has comfy chairs that you might find in your living room and a portable copper bowl with no jets or plumbing. Copper is naturally antibacterial. The bowl is cleaned with soap, hot water and bleach then soaked for 10 minutes and sprayed with tea tree oil as an added natural disinfectant .

All of our metal implements are soaked in Hospital Grade Disinfectant and put in a dry heat sterilizer for one hour at 350 degrees after each client.

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