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Opening Tuesday May 12th

Please read our latest blog post CLICK HERE to find out what we are doing to protect you and ourselves from COVID-19

Temporarily by appointment ONLY

Masks are required to enter the salon for services.

Appointments can be made online up to 1 hours in advance, so please check our schedule, it’s easy!

Thank you!

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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! Please be patient as we are a small salon that relies on online booking to schedule appointment. The best way to get in contact with us is via text at 512-825-4583 or email Jenny@naileditaustin.com. Please allow some time for a response we are very busy being meticulous perfectionists!

Hope to see you soon!

2105 Justin Ln #117

Austin, TX 78757

Specialty natural nail salon. It is our preference to specialize in natural nails and shellac polish. We do not offer SNS or Dip nails, acrylics or any type of nails extensions. Thank you.

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Our number one priority is our clients and the health of their nails is our focus. When you browse through the list of services you may notice the names of our manicures and pedicures are not what you might expect. This is because we have chosen the names of some long time clients to name these services after! They were the first, the legends, the ones from the start. So, to show appreciation, we named some service after them. Please make sure to read each description to decide which mani or pedi works best for you!

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